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Z-010 Tornador Classic Cleaning Tool

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What to know

THE TORNADOR Z-010 uses a rotating, cyclonic air stream with a cleaning solution to clean surfaces including all those hard to get at nooks and crannies without scrubbing or using detail brushes.  

  The Tornador uses a "Tornado-Like" blast of air and cleaning solution making it easy to get all dirt and grime out of nooks and crannies virtually eliminating the need to scrub with specialized detail brushes. In fact, you can get to areas that other tools can't. 

 Due to its design, the amount of liquid released is enough to clean and lift dirt and grime to the surface without saturating the area you are cleaning. When you blast the area that you are cleaning you will instantly see the solution turn dirty as dirt and grime comes to the surface.

How it works
  • For best results, this should be used with an air compressor capable of 5 CFM and a constant sir pressure of 60 PSI.  

  • Once you have made a pass over the area to be cleaned, simply wipe the surface with a microfiber towel then flip the switch on the Tornador. It becomes a instant handheld cyclonic dryer! The Tornado Z 010 drastically cuts down cleaning time and effort!   


The Details
  • Versatile Cleaning Technology: The Tornador Z-010 utilizes a unique rotating, cyclonic air stream combined with a cleaning solution to efficiently clean surfaces. This technology allows for cleaning in hard-to-reach nooks and crannies without the need for manual scrubbing or the use of detail brushes. 
  • Efficiency and Ease of Use: The device offers a simple and effective cleaning method by employing a "Tornado-Like" blast of air and cleaning solution. This method significantly reduces the need to scrub surfaces, making it easier to clean areas that are typically challenging to reach with conventional tools. 
  • Compatibility with Various Surfaces: It's designed to work on a wide range of surfaces including plastic, vinyl, upholstery, and carpet. This makes the Tornador suitable for diverse cleaning tasks, from automotive interiors to household surfaces. 
  • Controlled Liquid Release: The Tornador's design ensures that the amount of liquid released is optimal for cleaning without oversaturating the area. This feature allows for the efficient lifting of dirt and grime to the surface, facilitating a quicker and more effective cleaning process.