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Wheel Mitt (2 pk)

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What to know

Our Wheel Mitt features a microfiber blend that facilitates the easier release of contaminants upon rinsing. Safe on all wheel types, the Wheel Mitt can be used with traditional car wash soap or with one of our wheel cleaners. It's perfect for deep cleaning spoked wheels or other intricate wheel designs! 

For comfort, we've added multiple stitch points for a no-slip grip, along with interior finger loops to keep the mitt securely in place. Instead of the traditional long cuff seen on the Ultra Wash Mitt, we've opted for an easy-on, easy-off buttersoft suede edge. We believe this is one of the best wheel mitt options on the market! 

The Details
  • Innovative Microfiber Blend: The Wheel Mitt features a cutting-edge microfiber blend designed for the effortless capture and release of contaminants. This technology ensures a thorough clean with minimal effort, making it easier than ever to maintain spotless wheels. 
  • Universal Compatibility: Safe for use on all wheel types, this versatile mitt can be paired with traditional car wash soaps or specialized wheel cleaners. It's the perfect tool for deep cleaning complex spoked wheels and intricate designs, ensuring a pristine finish on every part of your vehicle. 
  • Enhanced Comfort and Grip: Designed with the user's comfort in mind, the Wheel Mitt includes multiple stitch points for a secure, no-slip grip and interior finger loops for added stability. These features allow for precise control and a more enjoyable cleaning experience. 
  • User-Friendly Design: Ditching the traditional long cuff for a sleek buttersoft suede edge, the mitt offers an easy-on, easy-off experience that simplifies the wheel cleaning process. This thoughtful design not only enhances usability but also positions the Wheel Mitt as a leading choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike.