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Professional Clay Bar Heavy (200 gram)

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What to know

Jax Wax Professional Clay Bar Heavy: Intensive Contaminant Removal for a Flawless Finish 

Powerful Cleaning Performance: Expertly designed to remove heavy contamination like tar, bugs, water spots, and tree sap from vehicle surfaces including plastic, glass, paint, and metal. 

Enhanced Surface Preparation: Ideal for preparing the vehicle's surface before applying wax or sealant, ensuring a smoother, cleaner finish. 

Versatile and Safe: Safe for use on a wide range of surface materials, providing flexibility in detailing. 

How it works
  • Break the bar in half and knead it to soften. 
  • Flatten the clay and use with Jax Wax Body Shine as a lubricant. 
  • Glide the clay bar over the surface with sweeping motions. 
  • Wipe down the area with a plush microfiber towel. 
The Details
  • Strong Contaminant Removal: Effectively tackles heavy contamination, ideal for rigorous surface cleaning. 
  • Surface Preparation: Prepares the vehicle's surface for waxing or sealing, enhancing the final finish. 
  • Safe for Multiple Surfaces: Can be used on paint, glass, plastic, and metal without causing damage. 
  • Easy Application: User-friendly process, suitable for professional detailing and enthusiast use. 


Gently cleans without causing damage to the surface.

extract contaminants

extract contaminants

Excellently extracts tough contaminants like tar and sap from various vehicle surfaces.

extremely versatile

extremely versatile

Ideal for a variety of surfaces including plastic, glass, paint, and metal, enhancing the overall cleaning process.