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Jax Wax Shield Buckets

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What to know

The Jax Wax Shield Bucket is a great addition to any detailing collection, designed for both professionals and enthusiasts. This 5-gallon bucket comes with an easy-grip handle, making it convenient to transport your detailing supplies. It's crafted to be professional grade, offering a reliable solution for storing and organizing your detailing essentials.

How it works
  • Fill with Water: Use the bucket to mix your car wash solution, filling it with water and your preferred soap.  
  • Carry Supplies: Transport and organize your detailing goods, utilizing the bucket's ample space.  
  • Rinse Tools: Use it as a rinse bucket to clean your wash mitts or brushes during the washing process.  
  • Storage Solution: When not in use, the bucket serves as an excellent storage container for your detailing accessories.  
  • This bucket is perfect for keeping your detailing supplies organized and portable, ensuring you're always ready for the next detailing task.
The Details
  •  5-Gallon Capacity: Ample size for mixing car wash solutions or storing detailing supplies.  
  • Easy-Grip Handle: Enhances portability and convenience during use.  
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for carrying supplies, mixing solutions, rinsing tools, or storage.  
  • Professional-Grade Durability: Designed to withstand the rigors of frequent use in detailing tasks.