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Jax Wax Foam Gun Kits

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$82.95 - $99.90
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What to know

Enhance your car cleaning routine with the Jax Wax Foam Gun Kit, a game-changing tool that connects effortlessly to your garden hose, unleashing a blizzard of foam over your vehicle. Built with premium stainless-steel fittings and designed for durability, this foam gun ensures a satisfying wash every time.

Combined with Cannon Soap that is engineered for vehicle enthusiasts who demand the best in cleaning technology. Our soap formula is a marvel of modern chemistry, designed to produce an extravagant amount of foam while safely encapsulating dirt and grime. This ensures a washing experience that significantly minimizes the risk of swirls and scratches on your cherished vehicle. Perfect for use with our foamgun.

How it works
  • Connect: Attach the foam gun to your garden hose.  
  • Mix Solution: Fill the container with Cannon Saop and water.  
  • Foam Up: Turn on the water and adjust the foam gun to achieve the desired foam level.  
  • Wash: Coat your car in foam and use a car wash mitt to clean.  
  • Rinse: Remove the foam gun and rinse your car with clean water. 
The Details
  • Universal Garden Hose Attachment: Easily connects to any standard garden hose for a hassle-free setup.  
  • Thick Foam Application: Produces a rich, clinging foam for effective cleaning and lifting of dirt and grime from the vehicle's surface.  
  • Durable Materials: Features stainless steel fittings for longevity and reliability in all washing conditions.  
  • Simple Operation: Designed for ease of use, enabling users to adjust foam density for a customized cleaning experience.