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Jax Wax Engine Compartment Clean and Detail Kit

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What to know

Unlock the full potential of your engine's appearance with the Jax Wax Engine Compartment Clean and Detail Kit. Designed to not only enhance the look of your engine compartment but also improve its functionality by making it easier to spot leaks, dissipate heat more efficiently, and maintain a cleaner working environment. Suitable for multiple vehicles, this comprehensive kit is your go-to solution for achieving a showroom-ready engine. 

What's Included: 

  • 32 oz Super Citrus Cleaner: A powerful, biodegradable degreaser that tackles oil, grease, and grime, leaving behind a fresh scent without any residue. 
  • 16 oz Shine All Surface Dressing: Revitalize rubber, plastic, vinyl, and leather surfaces with this professional-grade, non-greasy dressing for a lasting new look. 
  • 9" Super Soft Fender & Wheel Brush: Reach tight spaces effortlessly while safely removing dirt and brake dust without scratching. 
  • 2 Edgeless Microfiber Utility Towels: Perfect for a streak-free finish, these towels are essential for detailing, polishing, and cleaning both exterior and interior surfaces. 
How it works
  • Prep the Area: Lightly soap the engine compartment exterior to prevent cleaner from drying on the paint. 
  • Apply Super Citrus Cleaner: Set to "Stream" and spray from all angles to ensure full coverage. 
  • Rinse Thoroughly: Use a pressure washer to remove all product and debris. 
  • Dress Surfaces with Shine All: Spray evenly and let sit before wiping off excess for a protective, glossy finish. 
  • Admire Your Work: Enjoy a beautifully detailed engine compartment that's easier to maintain and work on. 
The Details


  • Versatility: Perfect for any surface, including paint, glass, trim, and chrome.
  • No Streaks or Smears: Resilient in high heat and humidity.
  • Brilliant Gloss: Leaves a glossy, slick finish that catches the eye.
  • Extended Protection: Enhances and prolongs existing wax protection.
  • Anti-Static Formula: Keeps your vehicle cleaner for longer.
Powerful Cleaning Action

Powerful Cleaning Action

The Super Citrus Cleaner efficiently breaks down tough grease and grime, ensuring your engine compartment is meticulously clean without leaving any residue. 

Enhanced Appearance

Enhanced Appearance

Shine All Surface Dressing revitalizes and protects engine compartment surfaces, providing a lasting new look to rubber, plastic, vinyl, and leather parts. 

Safe and Easy to Use

Safe and Easy to Use

The kit includes a soft fender and wheel brush along with edgeless microfiber towels, ensuring a safe and scratch-free cleaning experience for all engine compartment components