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Z-030 Tornador Max Cleaning Tool

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What to know

Tornador has completely changed the professional detailing industry with the new the Tornador Max! You will see all the benefits of the Z-020 Tornador Black with newly engineered and upgraded features.

  • The rotate set is now equipped with a patented spring technology, which increases the torque and intensifies the cleaning power.
  • Thanks to the spring technology the cleaning time is reduced and efficiency is greatly increased.
  • The newly designed ergonomic handle and trigger of the Tornador Max provides users more control and comfort.
  • This progressive design allows for individual customization through easily replaceable color handles and trigger grips.
  • The Tornador Max also has a built-in air regulator allowing for precise control of the air pressure along with adding a swivel air inlet for flexibility. An Anti-Slip mat on the jar will allow the Tornador Max to stand flat even when connected to an air hose which results in minimized spills and falls.
  • Finally, the Tornador Max comes with a LED tactical light to illuminate dark areas without having to incorporate bulky lights.
  • The Tornador Max is the newest in the family of must have detailing tools!


  • Durable Aluminum Construction with Painted finish
  • New patented Rotation Set for MORE cleaning power
  • LED Tactical Light to illuminate dark areas
  • Color customizable Hand Grips to make the tool your own
  • Trigger Grip for optimal comfort plus total customization
  • Swivel Air Fitting for ease of use
  • Built-in Air Regulator to optimize tool air intake
  • Anti-Slip Mat – no more spills or falls!
  • Durable Plastic 32oz. Jar
  • Hard Density Plastic Cone
  • Easy switch from product to air-only valve



  • Tornador Max Cleaning Tool
  • 32 oz. Cup with Anti-Slip Mat
  • LED Tactical Light (3 LR44 Batteries included)
  • User’s Manual
How it works

Cleaning Fabric:

  • Remove large debris and vacuum area to be cleaned.
  • Turn liquid air valve to upright position to deliver cleaning solution. Always use approved cleaning liquids.
  • Hold cleaning nozzle 1 to 3 inches from area to be cleaned. Fully depress trigger. Begin with overlapping motion over area to be cleaned.
  • Next turn valve to down position using just air and dry the area.

Cleaning Dashboard and Hard Surfaces:

  • Recommended air pressure set at 78 psi.
  • Turn liquid valve to straight up vertical position, using a overlapping motion, spray area to be cleaned.
  • Allow cleaning liquid to remain on surface for 10 - 15 seconds.
  • Follow with air only by turning valve to the horizontal down position. Begin drying with overlapping motion followed with a soft dry towel.
  • An ideal cleaning solution for the Tornador is a splash or two of Jax Wax Super Citrus in the 32 oz jar mixed with water.
The Details
  • Enhanced Cleaning Power and Efficiency: The Tornador Max incorporates a newly patented rotation set with spring technology, which not only increases the torque but also intensifies the cleaning power. This advancement reduces cleaning time and boosts overall efficiency, making it a powerful tool in the professional detailing industry.
  • Ergonomic Design with Customization Options: The tool features a redesigned ergonomic handle and trigger, providing users with greater control and comfort. This progressive design also allows for individual customization through easily replaceable color handles and trigger grips, offering a personalized experience for each user.
  • Advanced Features for Ease of Use: The Tornador Max includes several user-friendly features such as a built-in air regulator for precise control of air pressure, a swivel air inlet for added flexibility, and a LED tactical light to illuminate dark areas, enhancing the usability and functionality of the tool.
  • Robust and Practical Construction: This tool is built with durable aluminum and includes a hard density plastic cone and a 32oz. jar with an anti-slip mat, which prevents spills and falls during use. These features ensure the Tornador Max is both sturdy and practical for everyday professional use.