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Coating Leveling Microfiber Towel 16X16

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What to know

This towel is an outstanding towel for the removal and leveling of All Types of Ceramic and Graphene Coatings.  It's unique closed-loop pearl-weave construction has all the characteristics you need for safe, fast and effective work on coatings - lint-free, soft, removal "bite", and affordability with solid quality. 

  • Removal / Leveling of All Types of Ceramic Coatings (Paint, Windshield, Rims, Headlights, etc) 
  • Sealant Removal  
  • 16x16 
How it works

When leveling coatings, it is important to wipe with a clean towel surface. As the coating is removed from the paint surface it begins to harden and cure in the towel fibers. The hardened fibers can scratch. 

The Details
  • Specialized Design for Coatings: The towel is specifically engineered for the removal and leveling of all types of ceramic and graphene coatings, including those applied to paint, windshields, rims, and headlights. Its unique closed-loop pearl-weave construction makes it suitable for a wide range of surfaces and coating types. 
  • Optimized for Safe and Effective Use: This towel boasts several key characteristics that ensure its safety and effectiveness in handling coatings. It's lint-free, soft, and possesses the necessary "bite" for efficient removal and leveling of coatings. These features help prevent damage to the surfaces being cleaned. 
  • Practicality and Quality: The towel offers a balance of affordability and solid quality, making it an accessible option for both professionals and enthusiasts. Its 16x16 size is versatile for various tasks, from sealant removal to general coating maintenance. 
  • Importance of Clean Towel Surface for Leveling Coatings: When using the towel for leveling coatings, it's crucial to use a clean towel surface. As coatings are removed, they begin to harden and cure in the towel fibers, which can lead to scratching if the hardened fibers come into contact with the surface. This highlights the importance of using the towel properly to maintain the quality and integrity of the coating.