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Brass Tire and Whitewall Brush 8"

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What to know

This 8" Brass Tire and Whitewall Brush is perfect for removing caked on dirt and grime from tires. The length makes it easy to manipulate in tight spaces. The head on the brush has 1" Soft Brass Bristles which are gentle, but also highly effective for tough cleaning tasks dealing with caked on dirt and grime. The high-density plastic handle will not split or crack. 


How it works

Use this tire brush with Jax Wax Super Citrus Cleaner & Degreaser to perfectly clean sidewalls, remove that "brown" mold release residue from new tires, and make raised white letters and white walls!

The Details
  • Effective Cleaning with Gentle Bristles: The brush features 1" soft brass bristles that are gentle on tire surfaces yet highly effective at tackling tough cleaning tasks. These bristles are designed to remove caked-on dirt and grime without damaging the tires, making it an ideal tool for maintaining tire cleanliness and appearance. 
  • Designed for Easy Manipulation: With an 8" length, the brush is crafted to be easily manipulated in tight spaces, ensuring that every part of the tire can be thoroughly cleaned. This thoughtful design enhances the user's ability to reach difficult areas, improving the overall effectiveness of the cleaning process. 
  • Durable Construction: The high-density plastic handle of the brush is designed to withstand the rigors of tire cleaning without splitting or cracking. This durability ensures that the brush can be used repeatedly over time, providing a reliable tool for tire maintenance. 
  • Professional-Quality Results: When used in conjunction with Jax Wax Super Citrus Cleaner & Degreaser, this tire brush is capable of achieving fast, commercial-quality results. It is effective for cleaning sidewalls, removing the "brown" mold release residue from new tires, and revitalizing raised white letters and whitewalls. By using the same products as the professionals, users can achieve expert cleaning outcomes by themselves.