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Rupes BigFoot LH 19E

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What to know

Featuring a high torque motor, compact design, premium ergonomics and lightweight housing, the LH 19E is one of the most capable and maneuverable rotary polishers on the market. Its lightweight and powerful design makes it the ultimate rotary polishing solution for a variety of industries including automotive detailing, collision repair and refinishing, marine, and more. 

ROTARY: a rotating disc, rotates on a central axis with the highest velocity being at the pad's edge. Rotary tends to be the most invasive movement on the surface, generating substantial friction and heat which can lead to burns, strike throughs, and rotary induced swirl marks if used improperly. In the hands of a skilled technician a rotary tool features the lowest vibration levels of any tool movement but can take a great deal of time to learn to use the tool properly. Rotary movement is commonly used for polishing operations. 

ANTI-VIBRATION LOOP HANDLE An innovative loop handle allows users to hold the polisher securely at different angles for precision and stability during the polishing process. The soft grip material and the special design absorb and dissipate vibration to improve operator comfort as well as protect delicate surfaces from damage. The new loop handle is included standard with each tool. 

ANTI-VIBRATION SIDE HANDLE A soft grip side handle reduces the vibration during the polishing operation and provides comfortable control of the polisher. Featuring a new design and specialized materials to absorb and dissipate the vibration from the machine, the handle can be added to either side, depending on operator preference, and is included with the polisher DLX Kits. 

9 METERS ELECTRICAL CORD The new Heavy Duty extra-long 9mt cord is gauged to deliver maximum power to the polisher for safe, efficient operation. The longer cord saves you time, steps and hassles since the user doesn’t have to use additional extension cords when polishing around a car. 

ELECTRONIC SPEED CONTROL DIAL An all-new variable speed dial provides the ability to adjust speeds for specific applications. The dial features larger numbers, a click sensation to indicate speed changes, and is positioned for effortless adjustment during the polishing process. 

PROGRESSIVE TRIGGER Adding an additional level of control, the LH19E includes a progressive trigger. This trigger acts as a throttle allowing the operator to control speeds within the dial range to deliver the exact desired speed and to adjust quickly as needed without interruption to the work process. 

How it works
  • Hold Securely: Utilize the anti-vibration loop handle for secure gripping at various angles, ensuring precision and stability during the polishing process. This handle also helps in absorbing vibrations for a more comfortable operation. 
  • Side Handle for Control: Attach the anti-vibration side handle to either side of the polisher, according to your preference, for additional control and reduced vibration. 
  • Speed Adjustment: Use the electronic speed control dial to adjust the polisher's speed for specific tasks. The dial is designed for easy adjustment during use, with larger numbers and a click sensation to indicate speed changes. 
  • Progressive Throttle Control: Employ the progressive trigger for fine speed control within the selected range, allowing for immediate adjustments without stopping your work. 


  • Automotive Detailing: Perfect for polishing and refinishing surfaces on cars, helping to restore shine and remove imperfections. 
  • Collision Repair and Refinishing: Useful in the automotive repair industry for preparing and finishing vehicles after body work. 
  • Marine Applications: Ideal for polishing boats and other marine vessels, tackling surfaces exposed to harsh marine environments. 
  • General Polishing Operations: The rotary movement of the LH 19E is most commonly used for deep polishing tasks, capable of removing substantial surface imperfections but requires skilled operation to avoid damage. 
The Details
  • High Torque Motor and Compact Design: The LH 19E stands out for its high torque motor combined with a compact and lightweight design, making it one of the most capable and maneuverable rotary polishers available. This design enhances its suitability for a wide range of industries, including automotive detailing, collision repair, and marine applications. 
  • Advanced Anti-Vibration Features: The polisher is equipped with both an anti-vibration loop handle and a side handle. These features not only improve operator comfort by absorbing and dissipating vibration but also provide enhanced control and precision during use, protecting delicate surfaces from potential damage. 
  • Extended Electrical Cord: With a heavy-duty 9-meter electrical cord, the polisher offers increased mobility and convenience, reducing the need for additional extension cords. This allows for easier maneuverability around large items like cars or boats, saving time and hassle during polishing tasks. 
  • Customizable Speed Control: It includes sophisticated controls for speed adjustment, featuring an electronic speed control dial with a progressive trigger. This system allows for precise control over the polishing speed, making it easier to tackle different surfaces and applications without stopping the work process to adjust the tool.