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IK MULTI TR 1 360º spray 5pk

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What to know

The IK Multi TR 1 360 Spray Head 5 Pack contains multiple triggers with flexible dip tubes, designed to help you spray at any angle. This allows you to upgrade your Multi TR 1 Trigger Sprayer for 360 spraying, or to replace your trigger if you already have the Multi TR 1 360 Trigger Sprayer on hand. Over time and with certain chemicals the sprayer orifice becomes clogged to the point where no cleaning will open the orifice, making these replacement triggers great for your Multi TR 1 360 bottles.

How it works

Just screw the trigger onto the bottle or Jax Wax products and start spraying in between seats, on headliners, wheel wells, and other areas that need the bottle to be tipped in different directions.

The Details
  • Versatility in Spraying Angles: These triggers allow for spraying at any angle, enhancing the flexibility and reach of your spraying tasks, especially in hard-to-reach areas. 
  • Compatibility and Upgrade Options: They are designed to either upgrade your Multi TR 1 Trigger Sprayer for 360-degree spraying capabilities or replace existing triggers, ensuring your equipment remains highly functional. 
  • Durability Against Clogging: Given the inevitability of clogging due to certain chemicals, these replacement triggers are invaluable for maintaining the performance of your Multi TR 1 360 bottles over time. 
  • Ease of Use Across Applications: Simply screwing the trigger onto the bottle enables efficient spraying in various challenging areas, such as between seats, on headliners, wheel wells, etc., making it an essential tool for detailed cleaning and maintenance tasks.