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IK FOAM 1.5 / Pro 2 Maintenance kit

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What to know

The IK Foam 1.5 and Pro 2 Foam Adapter and Felt Disc Kit is the perfect replacement part for your IK Foam 1.5 Sprayer and IK Foam Pro 2 Sprayer. Within these two units, the foam adapter not only filters out and retains dirt, but also permits the foaming process itself. If this filter becomes clogged, the quality and amount of foam produced will greatly suffer. Due to this, IK recommends replacing not only checking the quality of your filter, but replacing it with some frequency.

How it works
  • Replace worn out parts within your IK sprayers! 
  • Fits IK Foam 1.5 and Foam Pro 
The Details
  • Optimal Foam Production: The foam adapter plays a crucial role in the foaming process by filtering out dirt and facilitating the creation of foam. This ensures that the foam produced is of high quality and in the desired quantity, essential for effective cleaning and application. 
  • Maintenance and Durability: Regular checking and replacement of the foam adapter are recommended to prevent clogging, which can significantly impact the performance of your sprayer. Replacing clogged or worn-out filters helps maintain the efficiency and longevity of your equipment. 
  • Compatibility and Ease of Replacement: Designed to fit seamlessly with the IK Foam 1.5 and Foam Pro 2 Sprayers, the kit makes it easy to replace worn-out parts without needing specialized tools or extensive technical knowledge. This ensures your sprayer remains in optimal working condition, ready for your next cleaning task. 
  • Preventive Care: By encouraging frequent replacement and maintenance, IK aims to help users avoid the pitfalls of reduced functionality due to neglected upkeep. This proactive approach to maintenance ensures that your sprayer continues to operate at its best, providing reliable service over time.