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Jax Wax Wheels Bucket

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What to know

The Jax Wax Rinse Bucket gives you the option to have a dedicated "Rinse" Bucket to be used in a two-bucket wash method. Using clean water in your Rinse bucket with a Grit Guard to loosen up and remove the dirt and grime picked up from your wash mitt during the wash process will greatly reduce the chance of introducing dirt back onto the vehicles surface creating swirls/imperfections.  

You can purchase the Jax Wax Rinse Bucket in multiple options.    

  • Jax Wax Rinse Bucket with durable vinyl "Rinse" decal. 
  • Jax Wax Rinse Bucket with Gamma Seal Lid. 
  • Jax Wax Rinse Bucket with Grit Guard and Gamma Seal waterproof resealable lid. 
  • Jax Wax Rinse Bucket with Grit Guard, Gamma Seal waterproof resealable lid and Bucket Dolly.
How it works
  • Fill with Water: Use the bucket to mix your car wash solution, filling it with water and your preferred soap.  
  • Carry Supplies: Transport and organize your detailing goods, utilizing the bucket's ample space.  
  • Rinse Tools: Use it as a rinse bucket to clean your wash mitts or brushes during the washing process.  
  • Storage Solution: When not in use, the bucket serves as an excellent storage container for your detailing accessories.  
  • This bucket is perfect for keeping your detailing supplies organized and portable, ensuring you're always ready for the next detailing task. 
The Details
  • Dedicated Wheels Cleaning Solution: The Jax Wax Wheels Bucket is specifically designed as a dedicated solution for cleaning wheels, ensuring that you don't contaminate your Wash or Rinse Buckets with the often much grittier and potentially abrasive materials found on wheels. This separation is crucial for maintaining the quality of your wash water and protecting your vehicle's paint from being scratched by debris transferred from the wheels. 
  • Customizable Options for Enhanced Functionality: Like other Jax Wax buckets, the Wheels Bucket offers multiple purchase options, allowing customization based on your needs. Options include a basic bucket with a "Wheel's" decal, a version with a Gamma Seal Lid, and configurations that add a Grit Guard and/or a Bucket Dolly. Each option enhances the bucket's functionality, from sealing contents to improving mobility and cleaning efficiency. 
  • Prevents Cross-Contamination: Having a bucket specifically for wheels addresses the common issue of cross-contamination between cleaning solutions and tools used on the vehicle's body and those used on the wheels. Wheels typically accumulate more abrasive grime and brake dust, which can damage paint finishes if transferred. 
  • Grit Guard and Gamma Seal Lid for Optimal Cleaning: The option to include a Grit Guard in the Wheels Bucket helps trap the heavier wheel grime at the bottom, keeping the water cleaner. The Gamma Seal Lid offers the convenience of securely sealing the bucket when not in use, preventing spills and preserving your cleaning solution if you choose to reuse it. The addition of a Bucket Dolly enhances portability, making it easier to maneuver around the vehicle as you clean each wheel.