Rupes/Jax Wax Advanced Wet Sanding & Polishing Training Class

We are excited to announce we're going back to Colorado to the Bigfoot Academy.  
January 13th and 14th we will be hosting a Rupes Advanced 2 Day Sanding and Polishing class. Jason Rose, Dylan Von Kleist and Nick McQueen will be conducting one of their world famous paint correction classes.
Take your paint perfecting skills to the next level! The 2-Day Advanced Sanding & Polishing Training Course is hosted by Jax Wax and RUPES USA. Limited to just 10-students, this intensive course will be conducted by our world-class training team and will feature a mix of both classroom instruction and hands-on training. This class will focus on proper sanding technique to remove texture and severe paint defects, as well as refining paint correction techniques for improved efficiency and results.THIS CLASS IS RECOMMENDED FOR PROFESSIONALS ONLY. Students must have a working knowledge of paint correction and be proficient in the use of random orbital polishers at the very minimum. Students should be comfortable with the basics of sanding techniques. There will be no novice-level instruction included. This is a first come first serve class. The class is $750 and you will receive  a swag bag and A Rupes Certificate. You can purchase your pass on
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