Jax Wax Ultimate Polishing Kit

This is the kit that will get your paint to absolute perfection!

With our innovative three-step paint finishing system you will be able to properly correct all imperfections/swirls in your paint.

The Flex XC3401 dual action polishers ease of use will make a novice get professional results with minimal effort.

With both sets of microfiber and foam cutting and finishing pads, you will have the correct pads to use based on the level of correction needed for your paint.

Kit Includes:
  • XC3401 Flex Dual Action Polisher
  • Perfect Cut 16oz
  • Perfect Polish 16oz
  • Final Finish 16oz
  • Jax Wax Foam Pad Conditioning Brush
  • Jax Wax White Microfiber 6.5" Cutting Pad
  • Jax Wax Black Microfiber 6.5" Finishing Pad
  • Jax Wax Gray Foam 6.5" Cutting Pad
  • Jax Wax Black Foam 6.5" Finishing Pad