Jax Wax Sidekick Blaster

The Jax Wax Sidekick Blaster by Metro Vac is a great tool to dry that pesky water that is left behind after drying your vehicle or motorcycle with a towel or chamois!

If you are fed up with water dripping out of your mirrors, emblems, wheels, etc. after hand drying your vehicle, the Jax Wax Sidekick Blaster is a must have!

The Jax Wax Sidekick Blaster generates heated and filtered air that easily and safely blows out any cracks and crevices on your vehicle to speed up the drying process. For a compact tool this blower packs a mean punch!

- 1.3 hp motor
- 8 amps/ 960 watts
- Airflow CFM/FPM 18,000 ft./min
- Accessories: Heavy Duty Blower and Air Flare Nozzles
- 9.75" Tall
- 3lbs.
- Blows warm filtered air