Jax Wax Customer Testimonials and Reviews

These are real emails and comments from customers!


We Caught Up With Some Customers at the Corvette and Muscle Car Nationals in Chicago - November 2013. 

Real People, Real Reviews. 

"Recently cleaned up my old and new Mopar and took them took to a local show. We took Best of Show, Ladies Favorite and Best 2008 or Newer Muscle Car. Everyone sworn the cars were wet.  The night before I cleaned them up with Jax Wax Liquid Carnauba Paste Wax and the day of the show I hit them with Jax Wax Hawaiian Shine. Tell me what you think of my 1969 Plymouth road runner and my 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8.

Thanks for a GREAT line of products."
Greg Anderson
Happy in the East Valley AZ

"Received the order today. Thank you so much for going the extra mile. The metal polish is just absolutely awesome! I have never had a Jax Wax product that didn't exceed my expectations!"
Chris Ridings
Monett, MO

"This 2009 P.T.Cruiser of Christine's looks like new due to your Jax Wax. Easy on and easy off. Looks and compliments all the time. A Jax's Wax car from day 1. Look brand new. Love the product."
Wayne Wyman 
Lakewood, CA

Monett, MO

"Love the Shine, Thanks Scott!"
Chad & Cindy Wilson

"The end result, after using Jax Wax Products! Thank you! The Best!"
Tim Bush Head Detailing Guru
Faulkner Cadillac 
Mechanicsburg, PA