New Product Kit

Here is your chance to try out our three newest products!

We consider a lot of things when introducing new products to the market. We definitely don't take it lightly, so when we launch a new product we focus on quality, ease of use, durability and overall customer experience. 

These three products won't let you down! They have quickly become some of our most popular products to date.

Super ShineJax Wax Super Shine is a high-performance water-based tire dressing that will outperform the competition. Super Shine was developed to create a high shine and to be extremely durable. 

Spray & Seal- Jax Wax Spray & Seal is easy to use, extremely durable resin and carnauba-based liquid paint sealant. Spray & Seal can be sprayed on a dry clean surface to act as a "base" layer of protection that will easily protect your vehicle for 3-6 months. Spray & Seal can be used on paint, glass, chrome, black plastic and virtually every surface on the exterior of your vehicle.

Fabric Guard- Jax Wax Fabric Guard is a penetrating protectant that bonds to fabric providing an invisible protective barrier. FabricGuard will repel water, spots and stains from most fabrics including convertible tops, cloth seats, carpet, furniture etc. It will also make the cleaning process of the fabric much easier.