Jax Wax Spray & Seal Gallon Kit

Jax Wax Spray & Seal is easy to use, extremely durable resin and carnauba-based liquid paint sealant. Spray & Seal can be sprayed on a dry clean surface to act as a "base" layer of protection that will easily protect your vehicle for 3-6 months. Spray & Seal can be used on paint, glass, chrome, black plastic and virtually every surface on the exterior of your vehicle.

One of the added benefits of Spray & Seal is it can be used as a drying aid with excellent results. Check out our video on this product page to see product application techniques.

Kit Includes:

1- Spray & Seal Gal.
1- Spray & Seal 16 oz.
2- Double Plush Edgeless Microfiber Towel