Foam Pad Conditioning Brush

You can clean and condition a foam pad in seconds with this foam pad brush, and ensure a consistent finish by using it as you buff.

Best of all, it saves the time required to change pads during the job! 

As you use your buffer, your foam pad becomes caked with polish, compounds and contaminants making it less and less effective as you use it. Foam pads are made up of thousands of tiny hollow cavities. These cavities are what provide the buffing as the buffer spins. 

As these cavities get filled up, the surface becomes smooth and less and less effective...

Instead of stopping to change pads during buffing, simply press this foam pad conditioning brush against a spinning pad and it will loosen and remove the caked in polish, compounds and contaminants from the cavities. Start at the center and work it towards the outer edge. The stiff bristles of the brush remove any caked in material and restore the pad.

The angle of the brush provides excellent leverage while at the same time protects your knuckles and fingers from getting skinned from the spinning pad. The textured handle provides a sure grip.

This brush also works well on wool pads as well.

Now you can get fast, commercial-quality results by using the same products the "pros" do - and by doing it yourself!